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About World Community Service (WCS)

A World Community Service project is born when Rotary clubs from two or more countries join together to accomplish a community service project. The WCS program links Rotary clubs needing extra help with clubs in other countries that are willing to provide funds, materials, and technical and professional assistance.

The World Community Service program was officially launched in 1967. Since then, thousands of WCS projects involving Rotarians around the world have been completed. Each year, Rotary clubs provide an estimated US$26 million in funds and supplies.

World Community Service projects have three criteria.

  • The project must be humanitarian in nature.
  • Rotarians in two or more Rotary countries must be involved.
  • One of the participating countries must contain the site of the project.

Eligible World Community Service projects include international projects that are:

  • Listed in the WCS Projects Exchange Database;
  • Formed through networking at international conventions or other meetings;
  • Identified by Group Study Exchange teams;
  • Completed with pooled funds, shared donated goods, or volunteers assistance; or
  • Recipients of grants from The Rotary Foundation.

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