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March 2019
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March is Rotary Water and Sanitation Month!
In 2012, nearly 750 million people lacked access to improved drinking water sources...15% of the world’s population.  Far more still, 2.5 billion people, did not have access to improved sanitation facilities…that is nearly half of the world’s population
Marginalized groups – women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and many others – are often overlooked, and sometimes face discrimination, as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.
Through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs, Rotary’s people of action mobilize resources, form partnerships, and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change.
When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.
Let’s figure out what we can do as Rotarians this month to Be the Inspiration to those people who can’t just turn on the kitchen faucet.
DG Chris
District 5470 membership rebounded slightly in January.
According to a February 8 email from Rotary International, membership rose to 2,061 at close of business on January 31. That is up 12 from the prior month, but still down 8 from the July 1 start of the Rotary year. If your club is among those with negative membership results this year, feel free to contact District Membership Chair, Bob Delavan for ideas on how to recruit new members.
Rotary Award for Excellence in Service to Humanity
The purpose of this award is to recognize a non-Rotarian who has demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service.  Only non-Rotarians, including the spouse or partner of an active Rotarian in good standing, may be nominated for this award.  An individual may only receive the award once. To be considered for the this award, the nominee must have performed continuing humanitarian service in any form. Candidates shall be considered based solely on the humanitarian service they have rendered through Rotary, or who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service consistent with Rotary's ideals. 
Candidates shall be considered based solely on the humanitarian service they have rendered through Rotary, with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others.  Personal financial contributions to Rotary, its Foundation, or any individual project however notable, are not relevant considerations for this award. District governors may nominate one eligible candidate from their district for this award each year from March 1 – March 31.  If you know a deserving non-Rotarian in our District, please contact District Governor Chris by email at chris@alpineace.biz for a nomination form.
A goal without a plan is merely a dream.
Does your club have a realistic net membership goal for attracting and engaging members?  A goal must be measurable, specific, attainable, and have accountability.  If not, it is not too late to set a net membership goal but at the same time, a PLAN is a must to accomplish that goal.   Don’t know where or how to start creating an attraction or an engagement plan?  Click HERE for a template and a sample guide for some attraction and engagement plan ideas.  You can also contact your membership team representative if you would like to discuss ideas or have questions.
District Assemblies 
Dates and Locations 
Saturday April 13, 2019 in Montrose
Saturday May 11, 2019 in Salida
The ROTARY CITATION recognizes Rotary Clubs that support each of our strategic priorities by completing certain activities. Clubs have the entire Rotary Year to achieve the citation’s goals.
Rotary can automatically verify many of your club’s achievements if you keep your club and member information up-to-date in My Rotary. You’ll use online tools like Rotary Club Central to inform Rotary when you achieve other goals.
2018 – 2019 Rotary Citation:
Rotary’s vision statement: why should you care?
Last June, Rotary's Board of Directors and Trustees approved a new vision statement for the organization: "Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.” Stephanie Urchick, chair of Rotary's Strategic Planning Committee, explains what went into arriving at that statement, and how you can help us chart a course for Rotary to thrive in the years ahead.
District 5470 Social Media Guideline
The advent of social media means that you can reach your audience directly and have a two-way conversation with each one of them.
Now, instead of writing a message about your post as if you were delivering a speech, you now can make the style more personal.
Whether or not you are new to Facebook, Twitter etc., there need to be a plan, and engaging content.
Have at least two active admins for your Rotary Club page. This way, if one person moves, leaves Rotary, etc. the user name and password are accessible.

Polio as of 31 January 2019

Since 1988, we’ve seen a worldwide reduction in polio cases of 99.9%. For more than two years, we’ve seen wild polio cases in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The 144th Session of the Executive Board is meeting from 24 January to 1 February ahead of the World Health Assembly in May. Polio was one of the main talking points in the opening speech by the WHO Director General and current Chair of the Polio Oversight Board, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Concurrently, he also had a stakeholder consultation where he stressed on the need for strengthened and systematic collaboration between partners, health, and non-health actors, and committing to transparent long-term budgets for eradication efforts.
Summary of new viruses this week:
Afghanistan- five WPV1 positive environmental samples;
Pakistan – ten wild polioviruses type 1 (WPV1) positive environmental samples;
Nigeria – two circulating vaccine derived poliovirus (VDPV2) positive environmental samples.

Your work, your dollars, and your commitment will make this happen!  Thanks for all you do to eradicate polio.

Strengthening the Rotary Story


In 2011, Rotary launched an initiative to strengthen our image, expand public understanding of what we do, and engage and inspire current and prospective members, donors, and partners. As part of that effort, we established an internal definition of our brand, confirming Rotary as the organization that joins leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations, who exchange ideas on solving some of the world’s toughest problems, and then take action to bring lasting change to communities around the world.  Rotarians have been working hard to tell the story of our impact in their communities. Thanks to their efforts, our public awareness levels globally have grown from 60 percent in 2012 to 75 percent in 2015.

Check out Rotary’s new public image campaign, People of Action. Now available at the .