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February 2021!
District Governor Chip Ecks
February is World Awareness Month!

Donating to Rotary means clean water and sanitation.

Health and hope in areas that were once ravaged by diseases like polio.

Economic development and new opportunities.

Your financial help makes all this happen, and more!

Would you please help us reach our District Goal of Every Rotarian contributing something and $300,000 in total donations for this year to the Rotary Annual fund!

Rotary and the U.S. Government support Italy’s fight against COVID-19


US$5 million for pandemic response, recovery and preparation for future outbreaks

ROME, Italy (December 4, 2020) — In the face of surging infections in Italy, Rotary and the U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), are taking action to support the country’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts.
As part of an 18-month partnership, USAID will provide US$5 million to The Rotary Foundation – Rotary’s philanthropic arm, to support Italy’s pandemic response, prepare communities for future outbreaks and address the long-term social and economic impacts of COVID-19.
This partnership is one element of America’s commitment to Italy to help save lives and build resilience for the future. To date, the United States has provided $60 million in assistance to Italy, through USAID and the U.S. military. USAID's work is one part of the overall U.S. Government response to the pandemic in Italy.

The sad truth about altruism is that there aren’t enough altruists

The people who fill the truly essential roles in society are often in short supply

By Illustrations by 


From time to time, societies run low on the things — and the people — they really need. We wake up one day and realize that there are too few doctors. Or far, far, far too few nurses. Or it suddenly dawns on us that there aren’t enough teachers, engineers, or plumbers to go around. There are certainly never enough guys who work well with sheetrock.

Other professionals we have in spades. There are always more than enough landscapers, baristas, actors, masseurs, personal trainers, hairdressers, IT guys, and chefs. Nor are we ever in any real danger of running out of hedge fund managers, ballerinas, real estate agents, claims adjusters, standup comics, bartenders, aspiring singer-songwriters, or car salesmen. But the people who fill the truly essential roles in society are often in short supply.

Something like this may already be happening with Good Samaritans. From time to time, societies run desperately low on the kinds of devoted, implacable altruists who are always ready to pitch in and make the world a better place.

Read the entire article here

The sad truth about altruism is that there aren’t enough altruists | Rotary International


Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
A Note from the Governor Elect...Becky Smith
As we approach the first-year anniversary of the worldwide pandemic I suggest you take a moment to consider whether your club is surviving the challenges caused by the pandemic…or is it possible for your club to thrive in this non-contact environment?  What is the district leadership doing to support clubs on their path to do more than just exist?  What can your club do?  Your district leadership is focused on club support.  We want to see each club succeed in growing membership, developing new leaders, and serving the communities they live in.  Here’s how….
The “Insta Grant” program for expanding club membership is available to your club today.  The purpose of the program is to provide a quick and easy $100 for any endeavor that increases membership!  The funds can be used for advertising, for food at a membership event, for materials to pass out and share and for so many other innovative ideas your club may develop.
The Insta Grant application form can be found on the district website
It was designed to be the easiest and shortest application form…. ever!  Steve ONeill, District Membership Chairman, indicates that your club may apply more than once in a year.  Please do take advantage of these easy to receive funds.
The Covid 19 Community Support Program is now in its third round!  Please find the application for matching funds on the district website.  No changes have been made in the program.  Your application for funds will most likely be approved within 24 hours of receipt.  A check for up to $500 will be in the mail the next day!  Please do take advantage of these easy to receive funds.
District trainings for future leaders are developing right now.  Your President Elect and one other club member are encouraged to register online at 
We are asking you to identify someone in your club who might be interested in club leadership or who might want to experience Rotary on a broader level.  The registration for two people have already been paid!
Training your leadership team (or board of directors) is also on the docket for this spring.  Club Assembly is being planned for late May.  We will invite you to send 3-5 of your current club leaders to spend a day learning about effective leadership characteristics and implementing those things that inspire a club to thrive!  You may want to identify possible future leaders to attend as well.  More information to follow.
Along with these support efforts, there is energetic discussion taking place about offering a Vibrant Club Workshop, offering an introduction to Toastmasters that is focused on Club Leaders, a “What’s Been Happening in Rotary” webinar for those who have left Rotary in the past five years and a District Conference that will sizzle with excitement!
As Rotarians, our passion to serve those in need is stronger than the difficulties created by the pandemic.  We’re Rotary Strong!  We will thrive!!
1.  Every Rotarian contributes something between now and the 30th of June to the Rotary Annual Fund
2.  We Raise $300,000 in donations to help fund our club service to the world!!
Okay,  Rotarians of District 5470!  GREAT JOB!  So many of you contributed to the Rotary Annual fund in November and December!  We are SO GRATEFUL and SO THANKFUL for your support of our District's continued service to bring clean water and sanitation, pandemic relief, education and so so much more!  
While we made a great start at our goal to raise $300,000 in contributions to the Annual Fund (half of which comes back tot he district to fund our service projects)  We are ONLY HALF WAY THERE!
We need to raise another $150,000 in contributions to the annual fund to reach our District Goal of $300,000
The District Governor, Chip Ecks, has asked us to continue to work our FUND the FOUNDATION campaign until we reach our goal of $300,000 or the end of the Rotary year June 30th!  We know that with just everyone in the district finding as little as $300 over the next few months we can reach our goal!
We are starting the year and coming into the NEW YEAR, ROTARY STRONG!  Lets see if we can show the world we will not go silently into the night, we will not be caught in fear and doubt, we will not be people of apathy and hopelessness.....No Rotarians, WE ARE PEOPLE OF ACTION!  WE ARE DOERS!  WE ARE SERVANT LEADERS here in southern Colorado!
So as our clubs start to meet again in person over the coming weeks, LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO ..rally to the claxon's call of SERVICE!  Rally to the call of FELLOWSHIP!  Rally to the call of GIVING!  We have 5 more months to impact our communities and the world Rotarians!  WE CAN DO THIS!  ROTARY STRONG!
So for those who have contributed, WE THANK YOU!  For those who have not.....would you consider providing a $300 or more, contribution to the annual fund between now and JUNE!  
IT WILL make all the difference to the District, our Service and our
to support our District service?  
The Rotary Foundation Global Grant
Dollars at Work
in Our District!

GG 1875083 Clean Water in Ecuador

By Scott Perry, North Colorado Springs RC 

A ceremony recently took place in Pumayacu with the local Red Cross and Napo provincial leaders based on the size and significance of the project. The project is 95% complete pending the completion of training and serves approximately 400 living in the community. Shown are photos of Mark Backlin, Rotarian and Adopt-a-Village board member, who visited Pumayacu in early November. In addition to receiving an update on the project, he delivered audiovisual equipment and a computer for the school donated by Adopt-a-Village. The Riobamba Rotary Club has communicated that the Shilpala project is approximately 70% complete. Delays due to COVID have been experienced, but the project should be completed prior to year-end. Training and the establishment of a Water Board consisting of community members are key components of project sustainability. Thank you for your interest in our project! 

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