Posted by Bob Delavan on Dec 05, 2019

December 15th is the last day to get preregistration pricing ( otherwise known as the lowest price !! ) 


Rotarian's from all around the world will be gathering here in one of the United States most pristine locations to share all the good things they are doing in the their communities. There really isn't anything like it in the world! We have such a unique and wonderful opportunity to come together with those that have chosen to do amazing things both in their communities and in communities they aren't even connected with. To be inspired and to start our hearts and minds in directions that can change our world! What could be better, and to share that with the world on our own ground? Last year I went to Germany to do that and to get to do it here in the States is such the cherry on the top of it all. I know each one of you would love it and hope to get to experience it with you all! 

If you have questions or need help registering please reach out at

December 15th is the deadline for preregistration and this is the link to register :