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Here is a contact list of potential
club program speakers
Curt Brown   Author  /  Speaker
Minnesota 1918   
When Flu, Fire and War Ravaged the State
Article about Curt Brown and his book
Mohammed Eid
Mohammed is a Rotary Peace Fellow from Palestine.  Having survived bombings as a child, Mohammed decided to dedicate his life to promoting peace and supporting peace efforts in the world.  Mohammed's story is inspiring and will expand the club's awareness of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program.
Billystrom Jivetti – Bio
Dr. Billystrom Jivetti is a native of Kaimosi, Western Kenya. He studied biology, environmental science, international studies, and rural development. Currently, he is a senior research scientist at the Center for Geospatial and Population Studies, University of New Mexico, USA. He is an interdisciplinary scholar working on issues affecting communities at local, national, and global levels. These are poverty, human dimensions of conservation, clean water, food security, community health initiatives, population studies, women in development, and youth empowerment. During his free time, Dr. Jivetti enjoys running marathons, cycling, nature trails, and he is also an avid bass guitar player.
Rotary Club Talking Points
Bathrooms for Girls
  • Building sanitary bathrooms in elementary schools
Community health center project in Kenya (with pictures)
  • History, health needs,
  • Current status
  • Project impact to the community
  • Future programming
  • Projected opening
Specific construction needs
  • Incinerator
  • Septic tank electrical
  • 2nd & 3rd stories
  • Bridge to connect villages
Potential avenues of collaboration:
  1. Club to club.
  2. District grant.
  3. Global grant.
  • How many people the health center serves.
a) Immediate or total catchment area/population = 50,000, close to 150k catchment population
  • How it will help improve the health and education of the people in the area.
    • Health & education: preventive health, rural medicine, community health education workers, nutrition, reproductive health, communicable/non-communicable diseases, Water Sanitation/health.
  • Community participation that for open, transparency, and efficiency
    • I registered a foundation in Kenya
    • A board of directors.
    • Financial receipts and assurance that the money is managed.