Urban Peak Workshop Program
Last fall the Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs decided it wanted to take on a couple new projects that would involve the participation of a significant number of Rotary Club members.  We had a presentation by Urban Peak of Colorado Springs, as one of the candidate organizations and they were selected as our number one choice.
Urban Peak is a shelter for homeless teens, ranging from 15 to 20 years of age.  They house a maximum of 20 young people at a time, with 10 women and 10 men.  Their primary goal is to help these youths find work and a way to get out on their own and establish their place in the community. 
The North Colorado Springs Rotary Club Foundation provided a donation of $2,000 in financial support.  We asked for volunteers from the club membership and 14 members signed up.
Our volunteers are involved in providing seven different workshops, consisting of Job Searching, Resume Writing, Mock Job Interviews, Conflict Resolution, Goal Setting, Job Retention, and Money Management.
On February 8, 2016, we celebrated our first graduate from the program, a young man who had competed all 7 workshops.  He was presented a certificate of achievement by the staff of Urban Peak.  This young man has been accepted into the Job Corps in Utah, where he will be reporting for job training to be an auto mechanic.  After completion of this training the Job Corps will help with his placement in a job. 
When I asked this young man if our workshops were helpful in his success with the Job Corps, he confirmed that they definitely made the difference. He proceeded to give me a big hug, and boy did this warm my heart.  If we could have helped only one person to get out of the shelter, and into community life, all our efforts would have been worthwhile.  We did it, and we are continuing on with great hope for these young people.
For more information contact me at 719-534-9291 or maxcalkins@comcast.net.
Max Calkins
Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs