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Children of the Dump

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A Trip to Nicaragua

Reservation Form

Humanitarian Expedition


Yes, I am interested in joining our Rotarians during the next trip to Nicaragua

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This is an uplifting experience that will stay with you for life.  During this trip you will have the opportunity to visit all the projects that have developed over the past four years thanks to your generous contributions.  You will be able to see: The School of the Children of the Dump, Santa Lucia (house of the blind), Betania (the trade school), Village Santa Matilde (the new vision of Rotary of breaking the cycle of poverty) and The Village Aldeia Rotaria , The new village of El Menco ( Our latest project).

Typical Date and time of departure:         

July 26  at 5:45 pm from BushIntercontinental Airport , Houston , Tx .

Date and time of return:               

July 30,at 11:20 am  (arrive at Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, Tex

 (Cost of hotels, most meals and ground transportation ,etc. is $300.00 per person.) Each person should make their own plane reservations on the continental Airlines flight for the above dates.

Deadline for reservations:  July 1,


Valid Passport (US citizens and residents are not required to have a Visa)

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(Passengers  from Houston as well as  destinations other than Houston  should book and coordinate with these flights .Please send this form with either check or credit card information to Hope & Relief at the above address)

We have scheduled our next trip to Nicaragua for July 26 thru July 30. This will be a quick trip but you will get to visit all our projects there. We will see the city dump where it all begins, the school of the dump ( where we will have the inaugaration of the new kitchen and dining hall that was built by the generous donations of Rotarians from north Texas), Betania ( the trade school), The school of the blind, The refuge for maternity and battered women, The village of Santa Matilde, The Village of Aldeia Rotaria (San Pablo) , and our latest village of El Menco.

Please note that this time  you should make your own plane reservations and coordinate them with our flight from Houston. The cost for ground transportation, hotel, meals and snacks and refreshments on the bus will be $ 300.00 per person and should be sent to Hope & Relief at the address on the attached form so we know how many to make accomadations for hotel ,etc.

Please let us know by July 1 so we can make these arrangements.

I hope you can join us.

Ann Harris, Ph.D.
Past District Governor
District 5470

Please contact Ann Harris if you have questions.       

970-618-6001 cell       

970-927-3354 evenings

see application at top of page.