Colorado College in Colorado Springs provides a unique environment that encourages and supports the success of the 3rd and largest Rotaract Club in our district.  This "University or College based" club, with a mailing list for their events of 150+ students, has some activities with as many as 65 participants or as few as 12.  Part of what makes these numbers even more remarkable is the total student population of Colorado College is around 2000.  Sponsored by the Colorado Springs Rotary Club, with Rotarian Ron Rubin as the Rotary Advisor to the CC Rotaract club.  Ron can certainly share more about what makes CC Rotaract Keep on Ticking!!

Part of the success of this College based Rotaract should also be credited to the unique environment that Colorado College provides and their emphasis on individual training outside the college as well as international experience and Service work.  Colorado College has a Center for Service and Learning which according to Rotaract Club President Sarah Miller is great support for the CC Rotaract Club.  The Rotaract Club also supports CC and was awarded the Service Club of the year last year for Colorado College.  The campus focus on Service seems to be in part credited to the current president of Colorado College who is a former Director of the Peace Corp internationally, Richard F Celeste.

Beyond this unique school environment, what are some of the key factors in making the Colorado College Rotaract program such a success?  Two major items -
1) a strong club management structure and
2) an unusual approach to their fee structure - they have "NO DUES!"  

The club management structure steps up to address some of the greatest challenges that a "College Based" Club experiences.  Students continually moving on, and semester breaks.  The CC leadership is elected in spring to serve their club starting in the following January and serving a Calendar year.  This works well as they get to "shadow" the existing leadership in the fall, before starting their leadership year.  By spanning leadership from one school year to the next they find it gives the club continuity amidst students moving on.

NO Dues is certainly popular with College students, and seems to allow them to be drawn in!   It helps get more CC Rotaract volunteers for service projects and a broader participation level in spite of college study requirements.  CC club makes a strong effort to see that "All the money" they raise goes directly back to their service projects.  They do not fund club socials and run a lean machine.  Still as they see what other Rotaractors are doing on the international level with participation projects, and consider the opportunity to attend District and international conferences, CC leadership continues to look at options for future club funding.

Just a peek at what makes the club closest to Pikes Peak service focus work - here is a snapshot or two! Thursday is Game club day at Madison Elementary, Rotaractors go to a local elementary school and teach and play chess with students.  Other games are also a part of this volunteer event.  Habitat for Humanity's of Pikes Peak gets the rewards of having an active Rotaractor club nearby - as CC students learn to build for others less fortunate.  Animals are also recipients of these clubs efforts as they work at a local Wolf protection habitat.  Members serve at a soup kitchen on Sundays to round off the weekend before heading back to classes on Monday.  Rotaractors also participate with Adopt a Family, Multiple Sclerosis Fundraising Auction and others.   They gather funds from Christmas Caroling, working on the Butterfly Sale and other local Rotary Events where they partner with Rotarians.