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Start guide for alternative

membership types

Use this worksheet to decide which types of membership your club will offer. Document any change to membership types in your club’s bylaws. We especially recommend that you amend the bylaws to reflect the answers to the asterisked questions.
Remember that Rotary International recognizes only active and honorary memberships. When reporting members to Rotary, assign any alternative membership types to one of those two categories.
1.    What new type of membership does our club want to offer?*
2.    Why do we want to offer this new membership type? How would our club benefit? What membership issues do we expect it to address?
3.    What are the potential drawbacks to this type of membership?
4.    What would be the eligibility requirements for this type of membership?*
5.    What club dues will members of this type be expected to pay?*
6.    Can someone with this type of membership serve as a club officer? Will this type of member have club voting rights?*
7.    What are the attendance expectations for these members, and how will our club secretary include them in reports to the governor?*
8.    Will there be a limit how long someone may hold this type of membership?
9.    Are members who hold this type of membership active or honorary Rotarians?* (You’ll select one of these two categories when reporting members to Rotary.)
10.         Will our district recognize this type of membership?

Sample edited bylaws for membership types

Here’s an example of how you could modify your club bylaws to include alternative membership requirements.
Article 12 Membership
Our club offers the following membership types:
a.    ____________________: These members enjoy all the benefits, opportunities, and responsibilities of Rotary. Requirements include____________________________.
b.    ____________________: [Explain requirements for membership type “b” here]
c.    ____________________: [Explain requirements for membership type “c” here]
d.    ____________________: [Explain requirements for membership type “d” here]
This information was taken from a Rotary International document located on the club flexibility web page.