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Rotary Prime

A Satellite Concept


Three Rotarians who wanted to attract more millennials and younger people to Rotary started Rotary Prime 4 years ago. There was not a rotary group that supported those who are out of college, working full time, yet want to be of service in the Colorado Springs community. Thus Rotary Prime was born. It has morphed and flourished in the last four years in many different capacities, and has sponsored and delivered some very large Rotary projects in downtown Colorado Springs.


The purpose of Rotary Prime is to “ prime our future Rotarians”.  Currently Rotary Prime hosts a social in the first two weeks of the month for an organization and a project at the end of the month for that organization.   Call Michaela Smith at 719-244-6311 for any questions on Rotary Prime or if you have potential members that are ready to put service above self.    Rotary Prime is a young, action-oriented arm of Rotary that is making a difference in Colorado Springs.