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District Membership Team
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WELCOME to the District 5470 membership team page.
This page contains a wealth of information relating to all membership aspects.  This is your source for ideas, strategies, samples, and administration of club membership.  It should be your first source for any question relating to membership.
Rotary District 5470 Membership Team
The purpose of the membership committee is to assist the District Governor in helping district clubs achieve their goals and objectives related to membership.  The committee assists clubs in membership development by:
·       Encouraging clubs to maintain and train a club membership development chair and committee.
·       Encouraging clubs to develop and implement an effective membership plan that addresses recruitment and RETENTION.
·       Assisting club membership development chairs, in carrying out their responsibilities.
·       Providing resources as needed to club membership committees.
As always, the District 5470 Membership Team is ready and willing to assist in any way possible to help your club grow and retain members.  Would you like to schedule a consultation to discuss a challenge your club has?  Are you looking for fresh ideas to recruit members?  Are you concerned about the attrition of club members?  Contact the District Membership Team member for resources and assistance.
Rotary District 5470 Membership Team Members
Jack Thomas    North Colorado Springs Rotary Club
     jackaavi@gmail.com  H- (719) 598-5525
Robert Schilling Vail Rotary Club
    robfromvail@gmail.com  W- (970) 476-2113 C- (970) 390-0705
Monty Lee  Wet Mountain Valley Rotary
     monty@theleefamily.org H- (719) 783-0204
Nancy StarlingRoss  Alamosa Rotary Club
nanstar@starlazyr.com    C- (303) 246-8007  H- (719) 378-2856
Bob Delavan  Horizon Sunrise of Grand Junction
    bob.delavan@q.com   H-(970)464-7740   C-(970)270-9878
An additional source for membership questions is the Assistant Governor that serves your club.  Assistant governors have the knowledge and the experience as a past president to answer your membership questions and provide you with the resources you need.
     EVERYTHING in Rotary depends on clubs recruiting and retaining community members that have a desire to give back and make a difference in the local community and the world.  District 5470 is dedicated to growing and retaining quality members for your Rotary Club.  Rotary clubs around the world accomplish great things by having enthusiastic, engaged, and active members.  Membership IS the LIFEBLOOD of Rotary.  When clubs actively recruit and retain enthusiastic and engaged members, great projects are accomplished not only in the local community but also in other world communities.  The District 5470 Membership Team exists to serve the membership needs of the district clubs.