Weapons and Rotary Districts and Clubs Policy Clarification

Weapons and Rotary Districts and Clubs Policy Clarification
In January 2017, Rotary International’s Board of Directors clarified its existing policy regarding guns in relation to the use of the Rotary logo and sponsorships.   The wording of this long-standing policy was unclear, and as a result, Rotary members told our board they were often unsure what the policy did and did not allow. A key consideration was Rotary’s risk if a weapon was purchased at a Rotary event and then caused serious injury or death. Another objective was to ensure consistency in how the Rotary logo is used in the 200 countries and regions where we have clubs.  Below are the policy clarifications that address the questions raised by our members and provide clarity on our sponsorship guidelines and use of the Rotary mark.
Excerpt from Rotary’s Policy on Club and District Activities Related to Guns and Weapons
2.100. Clubs and Districts Events Involving Weapons  Rotary clubs, Rotary districts and other Rotary Entities may participate in activities involving the sale, give-away or transfer, including raffles, of guns, weapons or other armaments, provided they never take ownership of the item(s) and any transfer of ownership of a firearm is handled by a licensed third party in compliance with all applicable laws.  Any use of the Rotary Marks in connection with such activities shall be in compliance with RI policy, including policy for use of the Rotary Marks.   
2.110.  Legal and Insurance Implications of Events Involving Weapons Rotary clubs, districts and other Rotary Entities that organize events or activities that involve guns or weapons, including sport shooting activities, shall review potential liabilities arising out of such activities and consult with legal and/or insurance professionals to ensure that they are adequately protected.   
33.030.6.  Use of the Rotary Emblem or other Rotary Marks by Rotary Entities When used by itself, the word “Rotary” or the Rotary Emblem normally refers to the entire organization, Rotary International.  It also means the ideals and principles of the organization.  All club, district, multidistrict and other Rotary Entity activities, projects and organizations must include identifiers of the club, district, multidistrict group or other Rotary Entity when using the Rotary Emblem or other Rotary Marks.  In limited instances and in RI’s sole discretion, a geographic identifier may be used, provided it accurately represents the interests of each club in that area and appropriate approvals are sought from the district governors and/or the club presidents.  Such identifier must be in close proximity to and in equal prominence with the Rotary Emblem or other of the Rotary Marks.
The Rotary Marks must always be reproduced in their entirety.  No alterations, obstructions or modifications of the Rotary Marks are permitted.  To accommodate digital media and enhance an accurate reproduction of the Rotary emblem, a specially modified emblem may be used for replications smaller than 0.5 inches (1.27 cm), such modified emblem to be used only together with “Rotary” as part of the “digital and small space signature lock-up” or with “Interact” or “Rotaract” as part of the digital and small space simplified signatures for the Programs logos.  To accommodate the embroidery medium, the modified Rotary emblem may be used on licensed and other RI authorized articles of clothing in replications greater than 0.5 inches (1.27 cm) but only in sizes too small to accommodate accurate reproduction of the Rotary emblem, provided the modified Rotary emblem is always used together with “Rotary,” “Interact,” or “Rotaract” in the simplified signature format.
For correct color reproductions of the Rotary emblem or other of the Rotary Marks, current guidelines are found in the Brand Center at https://brandcenter.rotary.org and in “Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines,” which give further specifications for reproducing the Rotary emblem and guidelines for maintaining a standardized, coordinated identity for all Rotary materials (547A). Rotarians are reminded that Rotary is both a local and a global organization and even local uses may enjoy global recognition through the use of the Internet and other electronic communications. Different cultures have different standards and different sensitivities. Any use of the Rotary Marks under these guidelines should attempt to be culturally sensitive and in concert with the Object of Rotary. RI reserves the right to review and approve any uses of the Rotary Marks. The Rotary Marks may not be depicted in combination with images of guns, weapons, or other armaments.