Hello Fellow Rotarians, 
It’s March! That means it’s the last last month to sign up with a discount for Rotary International so I just wanted to give you one final reminder. The last day to register is March 31st at the lowest price of $575.00 From April 1st to June 8th you can still register, it will just be the final price of $675.00. 
Here’s the link to register online ( easy easy ) ::  https://convention.rotary.org/en/houston/registration-fees
I wanted to throw in what I mentioned last time as well, ( just for free, cause I like you a little )  the links to register for outside events as well as events hosted for Rotary Related Projects and Topics ..
To Check out The Awesome events Houston has in store for us you can follow this link :: https://www.houstonri2022.org/events/