Posted by Ken Robinson

Polio as of 16 October 2018

No new cases of polio this week, and one new cVDPV case.  We stand at 13 polio cases for the year, and 22 cVDPV cases.  These are very good numbers – please help share the word with your clubs and districts that we ARE making a difference in eliminating polio.
We focus a lot on polio cases and the benefits the world will see when we eliminate this disease.  The direct economic benefits of eradication of polio have been estimated at $40 to $50 billion.  There are also intangible benefits which we should consider.  One of them is that with the elimination of polio, we would within a generation also rid the world of post-polio syndrome.
Post-polio syndrome is a condition which affects up to 40 percent of people who have previously survived an acute attack of polio.  Post polio syndrome  is manifest by muscular weakness, pain in the muscles and extreme fatigue.  There is an overall mortality rate of 25% mainly due to respiratory paralysis.  There is no known cure.
The real cruelty of this syndrome is that it strikes thirty to thirty-five years after a survivor first encounters polio, even if a complete recovery was had from the initial attack.
Our efforts to cure polio will also in time eliminate post-polio syndrome and alleviate significant additional suffering and impairment. 
Your work, your dollars, and your commitment will make this happen!  Thanks for all you do to eradicate polio.