Posted by Steve O'Neill on Jul 12, 2019
New District Membership Chair, Steve O'Neill announces an expanded membership team for District 5470.
     One of the purposes for the existence of the Membership Team is to learn the culture of the clubs within our district.  The best way to do that is to be able to visit each club and spend time within the club.  Each club is unique in itself with history, members, projects and issues. By spending time within the club a membership team member will build an understanding of the club and a trust within that club that they are there to help.  
By expanding the number of Team Members it will allow each member to be assigned to fewer clubs.  Thus visits to club are easier to accomplish in person as distance to each club is much less.  
Our goal is to encourage the attraction and engagement of new members to each club to continue to enhance to prosperity of the club.  To continue to excite current members in their engagement within the club and to mentor new members as they learn the culture and history of their community based organization.