District 5470 Social Media Guideline
The advent of social media means that you can reach your audience directly and have a two-way conversation with each one of them.
Now, instead of writing a message about your post as if you were delivering a speech, you now can make the style more personal.
Whether or not you are new to Facebook, Twitter etc., there need to be a plan, and engaging content.
Have at least two active admins for your Rotary Club page. This way, if one person moves, leaves Rotary, etc. the user name and password are accessible.
Facebook - Who, What, Where, When & Why
D5470 decided to set up a Facebook page because it saw that social media would be a good way to:
-          Communicate D5470 information to Club members in the District.
-          Become a place where followers, Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike can be informed, inspired and listened to.
-          Become a place for Clubs in the District to share fundraising and hands on projects to inspire other Clubs in the District.
Who is our audience
-          Club members
-          Rotarian families
-          Prospective members
-          Potential nonprofit partners
Posting and content strategy    
What should be posted to the page?
  1. Photos of people, activities and fun
  2. Tell the story of Rotary in a way that "puts a face" on what we do and why others should want to join us.
   - Decide how often there should there be posts to the page and then be consistent in your posting.
Etiquette for a Facebook organization page
-          Since D5470 or your Club has an organization page, use "we" as opposed to "I" or "me."
-          Posts of attachments, articles, etc. should always have a comment to go with it. Write as if you are having a conversation with someone, not making a speech to a crowd.
-          Inspirational memes that are not Rotary specific but express a Rotary philosophy are fine, but need a comment to tie it in with Rotary.
-          Monitor and answer messages within a 24-hour period. The sooner the better.
-          Visitor comments on D5470 posts need to be monitored. Acknowledge and/or reply to appropriate comments and questions. Inappropriate comments should be hidden or deleted.
Rosanne Gain, Rotary Club of CaƱon City
District 5470 social media