DGO Teresa Anson's Report on the 2017 District Conference

DGO Teresa Anson's Report on the 2017 District Conference
District 5470 Rotarians,
Thank you to all that attended the District 5470 Assembly and Rotary Round Up in the Springs Conference for 2017.  There was a lot of learning, networking and excitement exhibited throughout the event.  If you were there and felt it was a good value of your time and financial investment, please encourage your Club members to attend next year!  
    I was so excited to be able to see and greet everyone that attended the Assembly Conference. 
    • It all began with the Assembly kicking off on Thursday late morning to allow drive time, then ending Friday late morning.
    • The Past District Governor’s dinner to honor those that served as District Governor in the past and continue to serve as volunteers in many areas of the District was held Thursday evening and there was a terrific turn out. 
    • There were also Dine Arounds at several local restaurants on Thursday evening so Rotarians could get to know each other and build friendships and learn about each other’s professions. 
    • Friday noon was the Rotary Round-Up Conference kick off with Dr. Sylvia Whitlock. 1st Woman Rotary President, speaking.  Friday evening the Speaker was Rotary International President’s Representative, Past District Governor from New York, Drew Kessler.   Drew’s speech and the view from the Glenwood Caverns were outstanding.
    • Friday afternoon and Saturday morning there were a variety of Round Tables in which attendees could ask questions, share ideas, and build connections.
    • Saturday morning the District held its annual Legislative Session where all Presidents carry their Club’s voice by carrying their Club’s vote on District Bylaw matters. It was a wonderful learning experience as to the matters presented.
    • Saturday luncheon, we had Christine Grodecki speak to us about The Rotary Foundation and then we celebrated by eating cake in honor of The Rotary Foundation’s 100th Anniversary!  We were joined by the Rotary Youth Exchange, a group of almost 50 Inbound students, Rebound students, and RYE leadership.  
    • Saturday evening’s event was held at the Glenwood Vaudeville Theater.  Mike Klingbiel from District 5450 came to speak about his experience in Africa on a Global Grant Project.  Mike is a Rotary Regional Zone Coordinator for The Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus.  We concluded the evening with fabulous entertainment provided by the Vaudeville Theater. 
    I am very grateful for the opportunity to have served as your District Governor for 2016-2017.  Visiting each of your Clubs was definitely the highlight.  I learned so much from all you about all the work you accomplish in your local communities and communities abroad.  I saw first-hand the excitement and fun happening in your Clubs and felt the warmth and welcoming of being a part of the Rotary International family.  I am also grateful for the 30 plus folks that helped for the last year, giving up hundreds of hours of their time, to help with the Rotary Round-Up In the Springs 2017. The Team received wonderful compliments by attendees.  
    This is the first year our District tried the combination of the two events, Assembly and Conference.  This came about from written evaluations from previous events from attendees asking for less events requiring travel and time away from home and work.  We have a very large geographic area to District 5470.  It is comprised of the lower 2/3 of Colorado from I-70 south and contains many mountain passes.  Someone is always traveling no matter what location is chosen.  The Conference Team tries very hard to find venues to accommodate the District events that have the space, open calendar, reasonable fees, is located as centrally as possible and rotates locations to be fair. Although, the combined event is began on Thursday, the combination event asked for less travel time and away from home/work time than the previous 2 to 3 separate events combined.  The Conference Team dropped Sunday event time in order to allow for travel and respect personal time, as was requested.  The Conference Team will be reading the evaluations from this year’s combination event to try and improve future District 5470 events required by Rotary International.  If you have ideas for next year, please join the Planning Team.
    This year we only had The Rotary Foundation Awards for 2015-2016 available at the Conference as RI President John Germ is closing the year’s tally on June 30th in order to give Clubs the opportunity to show their work for a full year.  The District will be doing Awards in a new and creative format for the 2016-2017 year in early 2017.  We always want to recognize the outstanding work in which the District 5470 Clubs are involved, so stay tuned to the District Newsletter and District notices.  I am very proud of District 5470 and am always pleased to show off our work at President Elects Training Seminars (PETS), ZONE 27 & 21b Institute, District Leadership Institute, and Rotary International events.
    Thank you for all you do to “Serve Humanity” through Rotary.
    Yours in Rotary,
    Teresa K. Anson
    District Governor 2016-2017