2017-2018 Membership Development Incentive

2017-2018 Membership Development Incentive
District 5470 dues and RI dues will be reimbursed for each new member if the club net membership goal is achieved.  Transfers within District 5470 do not qualify but transfers from other districts will qualify. Member must be retained through June 30 of the 17-18 Rotary year.  The Rotary Clubs with the first 40 members for the fiscal year reported through RI or clubrunner on the District 5470 website will receive the incentive for their new members.
The following conditions are required to qualify for the incentive.
  1. Appoint a club membership chair prior to May 31, 2017.  Provide contact information for the chair to the District Membership Chair.
  2. Review the 11-year membership chart available on the membership team page of the district website, and establish a realistic membership goal.  Submit the goal to the District Membership Chair no later than May 31, 2017.  (A minimum goal of one net gain must be established.)
  3. Enter the goal in My Rotary.
  4. Create and submit a plan for achieving the goal to the District Membership Chair no later than June 15, 2017.  Share the plan with the club members.  (The blank fillable plan form is available on the District Membership Team page of the District 5470 website.)
  5. Achieve the goal to receive the incentive payable in July 2018.