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For example, to translate our web site into Spanish:

  1. Left click on Translation by Google.  This will open a new page "Google Translate - Text and Web tab"
  2. Enter " " (no quotes) in the Translate a Web Page box
  3. Select English to Spanish in the drop down menu box (left click on down arrow to activate the drop down menu, then left click on English to Spanish)
  4. Left click on the Translate button
  5. Our District 5470 web site will open translated into Spanish
  6. The hyperlinks may be blocked by your pop-up blocker
  7. To get around your pop-up blocker:
  8. Right click on the link - activating a pop-out menu.
  9. Select "Open in New Tab"
  10. The new page will open in a new tab or page


Translate to and from a hefty number of languages:

  • English to/from Arabic
  • English to/from Chinese (Simplified)
  • English to/from Chinese (Traditional)
  • English to/from Dutch
  • English to/from French
  • English to/from German
  • English to/from Greek
  • English to/from Italian
  • English to/from Korean
  • English to/from Japanese
  • English to/from Russian
  • English to/from Spanish
  • English to/from Portuguese
  • Chinese (Simplified) to/from Chinese (Traditional)
  • German to/from French

Click on  About Google Translate to learn more.