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For All Rotary District Rotarians


Each member can log on to the site, get a user name and password, before being able to update their personal membership information. 


On this Home page in the upper left corner is the login link.  Click there.  If this is your first time on choose First Time User link.  This will allow you to get your Password and User Name emailed to you.


Members use the For Members Menu that is just above the Club Executives Menu.


There are only two items available to all members of the District in the menus listed on the left side of the District Administration Page.  They can use the Documents Download button from the Home Page Editing menu.  This will have useful documents for download. More importantly all members can use the District Directory button in the Communication Services Menu.  Clicking this button will allow every Rotarian to print out a directory of several combinations of District and Club Officers.


All members will be able to contact district officers as easily as opening the page that lists those officers and clicking on the name of the officer they want to contact.  That will automatically address a message to that officer in the Web Site E-Mail program.  The club pages have been assigned to you as club secretary for update.  If someone else in your club should be responsible for any update please let us know so we can notify the system of the change.  If it is you, then all you have to do is pull up the club page from the listing on the left side of the Home page and review it.  If changes are necessary go to the bottom of the page and click on Click Here to edit this page.  Changes can then be made, saved and your page is up to date.  Nice and easy.



For Club Secretaries ( and Club Offices if you get permission from your Club Secretaries


Currently as a Secretary of your club you are entering your club information (attendance, new members, terminated members etc.) in the old web site on the Secretary Page on input sheets.  With this new site you will be entering all that information directly into the relevant pages for attendance and membership.


As Secretary you will be allowed to change all club information.  All you need to do is open the web page and login.  Once logged in you can make entries for your club. 


Others who have Club or Committee pages to edit, follow the same process  to various pages for which they are responsible.  Active Members can change their  Member Data area, but can also download interesting materials and use the Events section to learn about and sign up for various Events published on the new Web Site.


On this Home page in the upper left corner is the login link.  Click there.  If this is your first time on choose First Time User link.  This will allow you to get your Password and User Name emailed to you.  If you have trouble just contact me (Mike at 719-336-3801).


You may want to change your password to one that is easy for you to remember at this point)


Once you have your information you can log in and you are ready to use the site for your club updates.  Click on Admin menu on the top menu bar and the bottom right menu box For Club Executives should be light blue and respond when you move your mouse over the buttons.  Those buttons will be used by you to record attendance, add members, etc.

See example of menu below:


For Club Executives

 Membership Details  (Add new members, Terminate members, change member . )

 Other Users Details  (Honorary members are listed here, and terminated members)

 Club Information Page (Where and when your club meets is listed here)

 Define Club Executives (Club officers are listed here, Pres, Sec, etc.)

 Define Next Year's Executives (Future officers can be listed here)

 Club Attendance Report (Report by month attendance and membership numbers)

 Define Club Attendance Manager (Identify club member to receive any District memo's on attendance)


Attendance is entered for example with the Club Attendance Report button.  This opens a chart for your club for the current year.  You will need to know the following information for the reporting month: 1) # of current members, 2) Additional Members 3) Terminated Members 4) # of meetings and 5) % of attendance. 


With the attendance program as District Secretary I have the ability to send a message to those clubs that have not reported their monthly information.  That message will be sent to Club Secretary, Club President and your Assistant Governor.  We are hopeful that not many of those messages will be necessary.


This system will allow you to know what members the district has on their list for your club.  It also allows the district to communicate with your club officers and even members on important Rotary matters.  It will be up to you to make any changes necessary to keep the roster updated.  New members are added on the Membership Details button.  I have attached a word page for your use in gathering information to report new members.


Your Honorary members are listed on the Other Users Details button.  You might want to check this and see if all Honorary members are listed on that screen.


In working with each club roster this past couple of weeks I tried to match your information to those names listed at RI.  You may find differences and if you do, please correct that information.


The District using the information you enter into your club membership list will still report new, changed and terminated members to RI.  Please continue to use the District site to make member changes.   Avoid making changes directly on the RI web site, because when you do, they get it, and we don't.  When you make changes on the District site, we get the data and they get the data, and the information updated is available for you and your Club Officers on the District site.


If you as a club have a desire to see a printout of all the information that is included in your member listing, I can create an XL file for your club.  It will list all data on the district site.  You can use that file to see what additional information you may want to add or as a database for a mail merge project.  It can be useful in many ways.  All you need to do is give me a call and request the file.


While this site will require some work by you to keep your club up to date, it will also contain valuable information relating to our district.  District meetings, Club listings, District Leadership Members and many, many other pieces of information will be available on the site.   After our District site goes public, please encourage your members to log on and use it to increase their knowledge of the District and of Rotary. 


There are many more uses for the Web Site, but I will stop here and let you explore to find out what you think is good about the site.  Please let us know if you have problems or concerns. 


One more item:

Changes in when and where your Club meets are entered at Club Information Page , when changes are made here, please send an e-mail with this information to the following e-mail address (copy the Club Information Page and paste into an e-mail to the following address Caution - PLEASE Let all concerned know about your Club Data Changes, don't forget to notify R.I. and your District Secretary, by using the e-mail address above.   This will keep everyone informed about your Club's movements, your e-mail to this address will forward your copied and pasted Club Information Page  to all those who need the information.  Please save this e-mail address for easy use in your e-mail address book.

Also Changes you make to your Define Club Executive and Define Next Year's Executives should also be reported to this e-mail address.


Call if you need help.  Mike Renken 719-336-3801. (Office)   or

Gary Fletcher  ( )