What is Rotaract?? What is a Rotaractor??

Rotaract is the Rotary program for University Students and young Professionals from ages 18 to 30 (and sometimes up to 35+), who stand for the ideals of Rotary. They are either in College or may have not yet established themselves fully in their professional life, such that Rotary dues may be a bit cumbersome for them.  Their work or school obligations may not allow them to meet at the time that a traditional Rotary Club may require. However, they have youthful exuberance and "determination for a cause."

Our district is fortunate to currently have 3 Rotaract clubs - each unique in its structure and approach.  Not so different then Rotary clubs that find their own unique way to meet differing community needs, Rotaractors have adjusted to their specific location and service needs.  

Durango Rotaract Club
Colorado Springs Rotaract Club
Grand Junction Rotaract Club

To find out more about these Rotaract clubs Click Here.

If your city or club is realizing "YOU NEED A" Rotaract Club - you can go on line at and find much of the information necessary to get started on establishing a club and what is involved.

Then call or email Larry Soukup, District 5470 Rotary Chair for Rotaract at (719) 395 8053 or  If you know or have some students or young professionals interested in starting a Rotaract Club, they can email Jana or Amanda Crysler, the Rotaract District Representative at .