RGHF Communications and the Twelve Senses

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Joe Kagle, who will lead the Rotary Global History Fellowship [beginning july 1, 2007], has written two essays on Rotary which may be useful to our journey. There is a full version and a synopsis.

The Complete Rotarian: Communications and the Twelve Senses
Preface: Many have wondered why in the beginning of Rotary, Paul Harris did not become discouraged since any new venture has setbacks. As one reads the history of that early time, you find that he had others around him who lifted up their collective spirits and continued the mission to create something unique and new for the world. It seems that we are in a similar time with the Internet and breaking down boundaries between peoples of the world. Therefore to examine this time in which we live, let us imagine that it is like an artist laying out his or her tools for creating a work of art. These beginning tools are: self, a team, the human senses and communications. The goal is to create the Complete Rotarian.


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