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The Basics for District Rotarians
After logging on to the system, members may update their personal profile and change their password. Logging in allows you to register online for district and club events, book yourself and others for volunteer positions, use the discussion forum, access the password-protected documents, and download the district directory.

  • Get my username and password
  • How to login
  • Change my password
  • Update my personal profile
  • Access the district directory
  • Logging In
    Login to access the features of ClubRunner.
    My Personal Profile
    Keeping your personal profile current and up to date is important, especially when it comes to your email address.

    The District Directory
    Find contact information of others in your District.

    The District 5470 Web Communications Portal is organized with headlines down the middle of the Home Page, a calendar of events in the right panel, and links by function, Clubs, Assistant Governors, district committees, district leadership title down the left panel with miscellaneous at the bottom.  As you navigate our site, look in the left panel for additional hyperlinked information (just left click on the left panel headings).

    Anytime you see light blue words like Webmaster, the words are linked to a page or an email. Placing your cursor over a "hyperlink" will show a hand, and that confirms that a hyperlink exists. Left clicking on these hyperlinks will change your browser page to that new location or website page (called a URL).

    If you have any website questions or problems...

    • Email Webmaster , with any questions, assists, or for adding ideas.