This page is intended to introduce you to a new district committee called International Service.  We are working within the Global Grants Subcommittee and would like to propose two ways we can assist your club “Doing Good in the World” (Arch Klumph, Past Rotary International President, founder of The Rotary Foundation, 1917).
  1. If your club wants to submit a Global Grant application and you are in need of additional funding, we are here to help you find partner clubs. We will list your project on our district website (see details in #2).
  2. If your club would like to be involved in international service and you don’t know where to begin, we will do our best to help you find clubs who are working on international projects or we will introduce you to trusted international partners who are seeking support. There are other websites that promote Rotary Global Grants however, our District Global Grants Subcommittee has requested that we first consider supporting projects that our own clubs  already have in progress.
When we learn of ‘voluntouring’ opportunities with other Rotarians we will also post them on the district website. We highly encourage you to visit our international projects. Traveling and working with other Rotarians (who will become your family) is so much more than a vacation. You will experience “Rotary Moments” that will change your life.
We look forward to helping you enrich your life through Rotary.
Yours in Rotary,
Peter Jeschofnig
D-5470 Internationa Service Chair