Objective:  As a result of the sessions on Goals and Rotary Club Central, Assistant Governors will be able to:
  1. Communicate clearly to PE’s the importance of setting goals for his/her club
  2. Assist PE’s to use RCC to find their club’s history of goals
  3. Assist PE’s to use the history to set goals for his/her year as President
  4. Assist PE’s to enter the goals into RCC
  5. Assist PE’s to develop a plan to track goal progress/completion.
  6. Assist PE’s to enter progress/completion of club goals.
  7. Communicate clearly to PE’s their District’s process/ timeline/deadline for entering goals into RCC  (Actual process/timelines/deadlines will be set by individual Districts and communicated to PE’s/AG’s through District raining)
Content for Session on Goals/ RCC will include:
  1. Why are goals important?
  2. Why is it important/necessary to use RCC?
  3. Why is it difficult to use RCC?
  4. How to use past goals and reports to set future goals
  5. How to access club goals in RCC
  6. How to enter club goals in RCC
  7. How to track/enter progress/completion of goals
  8. How to enter the progress/completion in RCC
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