Posted by Bob Delavan on May 10, 2019

     The Satellite Advantage


     Satellite clubs can reach new audiences and reenergize Rotary in your area. The Guide to Satellite Clubs (click HERE for the guide) will explain how satellite clubs work, what benefits they offer, and how to get started. The guide will include best practices and links to resources.

     Satellite clubs are a pillar of the membership strategy of Regions 18 and 19 (United Kingdom). When regional leaders there work with districts, they first emphasize the benefits that satellite clubs offer the community and the sponsor club. Then they identify areas in the district that have a limited Rotary presence or clubs that don’t fully represent the community’s population. When they have this information, they recommend the following to start a satellite club: 

  • Find an enthusiastic leader
  • Hold well-advertised information sessions
  • Make it simple to join
  • Determine how the satellite club will differ from the sponsor club, and encourage satellite clubs to focus on what they’re passionate about