Posted by Bob Delavan on Mar 28, 2019
Working RI membership leads
     Rotary International collects information from potential Rotarians through their website.  An individual wanting information about a Rotary club in her/his area will provide details to RI and RI in turn will provide that information to appropriate Rotarians in the district.  These are people LOOKING to join a Rotary club and it is important to contact them and extend an invitation to visit one or more clubs depending upon the area.  When a prospect has been contacted by the District Membership Team or an Assistant Governor, the prospect is assigned to an appropriate club and an email is automatically sent to the club president, club secretary, and club membership chair.  One of those individuals must log in to My Rotary to obtain the contact information for the prospect so s/he can be invited to a meeting.  Additional instructions for accessing prospective member leads can be found by clicking HERE.  Additional questions?  Contact your membership team representative.