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Welcome to August!  In Rotary, August is known as Membership and Extension Month.  We think we know what they mean by membership but what the heck is extension?  Well, let’s discuss membership and then we can get to extension.  We all know that membership is the lifeblood of Rotary but sometimes it is a challenge knowing the basics of recruiting and retaining members, and believe me, recruiting and retaining members is BASIC to the success of all Rotary clubs.  In my opinion all things Rotary depend on a thriving, vibrant membership.  Every club, regardless of size, should have a membership chair and a plan for growing club members.  Every club should have a written membership recruiting and retention system that is appropriate for the personality of that club.   An important aspect of Membership Development is the use of the tools developed by the Regional Coordinators Dick Jones and David Norris.  This is called the Membership Toolbox and has a wealth of information regarding all aspects of membership development.  This toolbox will be posted on the Zone website in the next few weeks and the address is  Check it out and put the tools in that tool box to work to build your membership.
     Simply put, extension is the creating of new clubs in areas that 1) don’t have an existing Rotary club but has the demographics to support a club,  or 2) have an existing club or clubs but a new club that meets on a different day, time of day, or meets a different demographic need might be appropriate and successful.  Take a look at your community and surrounding communities and consider the possibility of creating a new opportunity for dedicated, caring individuals to join the ranks of Rotary.  Another aspect of extension while it is not actually creating a new club is the concept of a satellite.  A satellite is a part of an existing club that MAY have a different meeting time and day, place, and meeting format.  This concept appeals specifically to young professionals that do not have the time, or finances to belong to an existing club and has proven to be very effective in adding members to an existing club.   Do you have a suggestion for the creation of a new club or the addition of a satellite?  Contact Rod Proffitt at (970) 903-9314 or  Rod will connect you with the Rotarian and resources to put that suggestion into action.

K.R. Ravindran’s life has been molded by family, country, and Rotary. Serving as Rotary president is his way of giving back to each of them.
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Today marks one year since Nigeria last reported a polio case caused by wild poliovirus. The country is on the brink of eradicating the paralyzing disease. If no cases are reported in the coming weeks, the World Health Organization is expected to remove Nigeria from the list of countries where polio is endemic, leaving just two: Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Advocate for a polio-free world

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District 5470
Coming October 2-4, The First Ever District Fall Forum
Come early Friday and enjoy Appetizers and a cash bar before selecting a "dine around" restaurant for food and fellowship.
Saturday October 3rd.
From 9AM to 3:30 PM the day will be packed not with talking heads, but rather with round table discussions of best practices and ideas that really work.
 The Ball Room at the Telluride Convention Center in Mountain Village will be set up to facilitate the discussions.  Many of your fellow Rotarians have completed Facilitator Training and will be stationed at topic-specific tables to help the discussions stay lively.
Lunch will offer District Governor Clyde's Awards and the ever popular Flag Ceremony performed by our Inbound Rotary Youth Exchange Students.
Following lunch will be more roundtables if you didn't have a chance to hear all the topics you wanted.
Networking club-to-club has been repeatedly requested by Rotarians at both Conferences and Assemblies. So here it is!
And you can't beat October in Colorado, the colors will be changing in Telluride  (see and the air will be brisk.  Ride the free gondola from Mountain Village to downtown Telluride for a spectacular view of fall colors.  Come early and stay late, explore art galleries, have a custom made hat fitted and buy your chaps and spurs in town.  Don't forget the grub and drinks at one of the great local restaurants before riding the gondola back to the hotel in Mountain Village, no need to drive or find a parking place.
If you want to stay overnight there is a Rotary room block available at the Peaks across the street from the conference center, see The Conference Rate is just $114 per night. The resort fee is $25 and gives you access to pools, spas, and more.
We are offering our very first training on Friday, October 2nd in Telluride, the day before our Fall Forum, on Friday evening and Saturday, October 3rd.  - See more at:
Friday, October 2 the first Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) member training will be held in Telluride. RLI is designed to prepare Rotarians to begin moving into positions of leadership in their clubs and improve the effectiveness of their clubs in serving their communities.  
 Registration will be separate and the link will be posted soon.



MEMBERSHIP is a word we seem to have become weary of.  We are being told by our District Leaders how important it is to recruit, to retain, and to grow our clubs.  We are told to embrace a more diverse membership.

There are so many tools available at Rotary.Org, it can take hours to survey and find resources that you may want to utilize.   Now I am before you, yet another voice saying we need to do more to recruit and retain our membership.   However, I have discovered a useful tool that makes the planning simple:
The Rotary Membership Action Plan available on Rotary.Org, includes the following 7 components:
  1. Identify
  2. Introduce
  3. Invite
  4. Induct
  5. Inform and orient
  6. Involve
  7. Educate

It is a simple but complete, comprehensive tool.  Local club membership committees could benefit from implementing this excellent tool to recruit new members, to engage existing members, and to ultimately grow their clubs.  District Leadership is available to assist you in developing a comprehensive plan that can change the face of your local club.  Contact your Assistant Governor for more information. Go MyRotary|Home|Learning & Reference|Learn by Topic|Membership for more ideas on Membership for your club.


 D-5470 is now on Facebook!
An opportunity for Rotarians and clubs to share news of their activities with the rest of D-5470. 



As most of you have discovered by now, RI has a new website. It's a two-part site - one for non-Rotarians who want to find out about Rotary, and one for Rotarians. Especially the part for Rotarians is difficult to navigate. RI has finally produced a few video tutorial and here is the link to the one for Rotarians: