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Welcome to Rotary District 5470

As we begin a new Rotary year, I invite you to join us in bringing the hope, service, joy, and resources of Rotary to improve our communities and our world.

Rotary is changing...what isn’t?  Did you “dial“ your phone today (that’s if you know how a dial phone works) or did you text a note to a friend or business?  

I want to be sure all clubs are aware of the new opportunities and new expectations of Rotary.  RI is the “greatest humanitarian and service organization in the world” because of the incredible progress we have made in eradicating Polio and the thousands of other projects led by 33,000 individual Rotary clubs around the world.  The Rotary Foundation consistently receives the highest ratings from nonprofit evaluating organizations because of its very low cost of administration and its transparency to all Rotarians.

In response to the Earthquake in Nepal I am appointing Eddie Cheung as Disaster Relief Coordinator.  This committee will operate as part of the District Service Committee to reach out during times of humanitarian need and provide a district focus for coordination and information.  This committee will also provide information about other areas of need around the world. 
During the past 24 hours several Rotarians have contacted me asking how they can help earth quake victims in Nepal.  There are several ways to help:
  1. Here us a link to Shelter Box which is already responding.  A district-wide gathering of donations through Ann Harris ((970) 618-6001 ) would make a difference.
  2. For More detailed information on the ground contact Eddie Cheung - (805) 795-0873
A self directed donation of $10,000 or more could create a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) in The Rotary Foundation and available immediately.  If a donor or donor group would like to take action contact District Foundation Chair Ann Harris Above.

Disaster Relief Project for Nepal by Rotary District 5470
Our District has acted swiftly to provide critical supplies to Nepal.  As the most current critical need is suitable emergency shelter we have devoted much of our effort to purchase shelter from ShelterBox, which already has personnel at the scene.  They started distributing aid in Nepal right at the beginning by providing tents to hospitals in Kathmandu that had been badly damaged by the quake, and to temporary medical facilities in Sindhupalchok, Nepal. A further consignment of aid, including tents and shelter kits, has arrived in the country and will be distributed to families in the district of Sindhupalchok this week.
As of noon of May 13, 2015 our Clubs and Individuals have raised funds for 70 of the $1000 each ShelterBox Kits. Our leading donor club in this campaign is the Montrose Rotary Club which as donated $20,000.  Congratulations to the Montrose Club for such a magnificent donation for such a worthy cause!
The District is also working to fund a much needed water filtration system for Nepal called Sunspring®, a solar-powered water purification system from a Colorado company, Innovative Water Technoplogies (IWT), based in Rocky Ford, Colorado. IWT developed Sunspring. The District will be discussing the Sunspring funding with company officials this weekend at the Rotary Assembly in Pueblo.
Leading the ShelterBox Derby in our District are the Montrose Club with 20, Eagle Valley, Durango High Noon, Grand Junction with 6, and North Colorado Springs with 4.  More is needed!
Eddie Cheung, the newly appointed District Disaster Relief Chairman, has also increased his contacts for further assistance to Nepal:
  1. He is attempting to Contact the Nepal Rotary District Governor.
  2. He has contacted the Shanghai Rotary Club and they are very generous with donations to Nepal .  He is trying to work with Shanghai Club  for Nepal Disaster Relief and for our District Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) .
  3. Contact has been established with the dZi Mountaineering organization as they are currently working  with Nepal to rebuild 30 school for Nepal at present and are interested in joining the Disaster Relief Effort .
  4. Instituted contact with Nepal Trust to see if they are working on relief.
  5. Contacted Karma Bhotia, originally from Chyamtang, Nepal and head of the Karma and Jyamu Bhotia Foundation for Nepal in Colorado. Karma is a member of Rotary Club of Durango he just got back from Nepal few days ago . He is from Nepal and will work with Rotary to help Nepal .
  6. Contact with personal friends in Tibet as the road will open soon from Tibet to Nepal . They can help provide first hand information about the situation on the Nepal village border from Tibet .
  7. See the ShelterBox Video about ShelterBox and  conditions in Nepal.

               Saturday, May 16 from 8 - 4 pm
                                           Light breakfast & lunch included - $35
Join us for the best Assembly ever!
Schedule:  See The Updated Schedule Below
  • Club Central Training by AG Area – Bring a laptop if possible
  • Membership – The new Zone Membership Cadre is coming for the first time to our District to help clubs of all sizes grow their membership!
  • Foundation Grant Qualification – Our District Foundation Team has condensed the mandatory training into just two sessions!  Each club should have 2 people trained if at all possible
  • Rotary Youth – RYE, RYLA, Interact, Rotaract – Hear from two panels of participants about these programs and how to begin and support them
  • Rotary 101 – Learn more about the passion and history of your Rotary
  • Global Grants – Learn from our clubs about their global projects
  • District Grants – Successful clubs will share their service grant projects
  • Literacy Projects – Learn about our new District Literacy Award program and get great literacy project ideas from other clubs
  • Rotary Public Image – A panel of local media professionals offer advice on how to work with them to get your events promoted and stories published
  • Insurance & Nonprofit Resources – Keep your club’s nonprofit status
  • District Financials and Budget – Q and A with D5470 Finance Committee
Pay at Registration Table
Sign up at:
Pueblo Convention Center
FRIDAY, May 15 from 10 - 4 pm
Lunch included - $25
The internationally recognized Rotary Leadership Institute program focuses on LEADERSHIP SKILLS and ROTARY KNOWLEDGE and was updated this year. This three-part program will become part of our professional development emphasis to strengthen club and district leadership, especially helping newer Rotarians learn more about the organization as they enhance their leadership skills.
Dear Rotarians,
The first six months of the Rotary year has already passed and I wanted to update you on our collective progress to date.

1.   Because of our strong focus on "Service Above Self" and diverse community service projects, district membership has increased a net of 1% since July 1st instead of dropping 1.5% to 2% as we have historically seen.  
2.   Club and district "Rotary Days" have been a success this first year.  Where Rotary Days have been held, the community better understands who Rotarians are, what our mission is and how we help identify community needs and build the basic fabric of the community.  Additional Rotary days are in the planning phase for the spring.

Dear fellow Rotarians,
One of my favorite parts of a Rotary convention is the House of Friendship. In Chinese, we say: 有朋自遠方來,不亦樂乎. "To have friends come together from faraway places is a wonderful thing." At the 106th annual Rotary International Convention, 6-9 June, the House of Friendship will reflect the excitement and the diverse blend of cultures of São Paulo, the host city.


From the passenger’s seat:

DG Clyde and I are having such a wonderful time with our Rotary travels. From New Zealand and Australia (passenger seat on the left side) to Durango, Snowmass Village, Eagle, and Carbondale; Rotarians are wonderful hosts and doing important projects meeting serious community needs! They are having fun and helping to bring hope and peace to our world by Lighting Up Rotary. 



MEMBERSHIP is a word we seem to have become weary of.  We are being told by our District Leaders how important it is to recruit, to retain, and to grow our clubs.  We are told to embrace a more diverse membership.

There are so many tools available at Rotary.Org, it can take hours to survey and find resources that you may want to utilize.   Now I am before you, yet another voice saying we need to do more to recruit and retain our membership.   However, I have discovered a useful tool that makes the planning simple:
The Rotary Membership Action Plan available on Rotary.Org, includes the following 7 components:
  1. Identify
  2. Introduce
  3. Invite
  4. Induct
  5. Inform and orient
  6. Involve
  7. Educate

It is a simple but complete, comprehensive tool.  Local club membership committees could benefit from implementing this excellent tool to recruit new members, to engage existing members, and to ultimately grow their clubs.  District Leadership is available to assist you in developing a comprehensive plan that can change the face of your local club.  Contact your Assistant Governor for more information. Go MyRotary|Home|Learning & Reference|Learn by Topic|Membership for more ideas on Membership for your club.


 D-5470 is now on Facebook!
An opportunity for Rotarians and clubs to share news of their activities with the rest of D-5470. 



As most of you have discovered by now, RI has a new website. It's a two-part site - one for non-Rotarians who want to find out about Rotary, and one for Rotarians. Especially the part for Rotarians is difficult to navigate. RI has finally produced a few video tutorial and here is the link to the one for Rotarians:



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